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IGE Global Horizons | April 2019

April 25, 2019

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IGE Visits Vietnam to Engage Government and Faith Leaders in Hanoi and Binh Dinh Province on Religious Freedom

April 24, 2019

From March 27-April 3, the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) conducted its annual visit to Vietnam to engage government and faith leaders on religious freedom. The visit focused on Hanoi and the south-central coastal province of Binh Dinh.

IGE Holds Religious Freedom Training in Vietnam’s South-Central Region

April 24, 2019

From March 26-30, IGE held a “Religion & Rule of Law” certificate training program in Qui Nhon city, Binh Dinh province. This was the eighth such training held in Vietnam since 2012.

One of the main pillars of IGE's approach is "Relational Diplomacy": We overcome obstacles of culture and religion by creating and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships, inviting all viewpoints to the table, and working together as partners for the common good.

IGE is currently active in China, Vietnam, Laos, Uzbekistan, and Myanmar. IGE is also home to the Center for Women, Faith & Leadership (CWFL). 

Freedom of faith matters for women, business, peace and security, governance, human rights, freedom of speech and press, healthcare, and youth and education. When you support IGE, you are supporting freedom of faith which matters for all spheres of life.

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“There are a number of organizations working to promote religious freedom for both Christians and non-Christians around the world.  The Institute for Global Engagement works effectively with both religious and political figures in many countries around the world to find solutions to problems of religious intolerance.”

Walter Russell Mead
from "The Yule Blog" at Providence, The Wall Street Journal columnist and Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College