IGE catalyzes freedom of faith worldwide

so that everyone has the ability to live what they believe.

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Our approach is undergirded by three pillars:

  1. Teachings of Jesus
  2. Relational Diplomacy
  3. Religious Freedom

Recent IGE Updates

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Lao Evangelical Church Conducts Peace Building Workshop for Christian Leaders

July 29, 2022

From July 12-15, the Lao Evangelical Church conducted a peace building and conflict transformation training workshop in Vientiane. This first ecumenical effort in peace building included 31 Protestants and 10 Catholic Christian leaders.

Center for Women, Faith & Leadership Hosts Fellowship Workshop and Retreat in Norway

July 28, 2022

From June 20-26, 2022, IGE’s Center for Women, Faith & Leadership (CWFL) hosted the 2022 Hybrid Fellowship Cohort in Norway for an in-person workshop and retreat. The program brought together 10 women leaders from 9 countries.

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“There are a number of organizations working to promote religious freedom for both Christians and non-Christians around the world.  The Institute for Global Engagement works effectively with both religious and political figures in many countries around the world to find solutions to problems of religious intolerance.”

Walter Russell Mead
from "The Yule Blog" at Providence, The Wall Street Journal columnist and Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College