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About IGE

IGE catalyzes freedom of faith worldwide so that everyone has the ability to live what they believe. We have three main pillars to our approach:

The teachings of Jesus

We believe, share and live what Jesus taught us—love, acceptance and reconciliation lived in a way that compels engagement and understanding for all.

Religious Freedom

Committed to universal human dignity, we work for a future when all people, of any faith or no faith, have freedom of belief and equal citizenship. We spread the truth that religious freedom is integral to a flourishing society and a stable state.

Relational Diplomacy

We overcome obstacles of culture and religion by creating and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships, inviting all viewpoints to the table, working together as partners for the common good. Learn more about IGE’s Principles of Engagement here.

The Team behind all things IGE

The dynamic team at IGE is passionate, diverse, and committed to advancing freedom of faith worldwide through innovative and impactful initiatives.

The IGE Fellows

The IGE Fellows undertake transformative work in Laos, Vietnam, and across the globe promoting cross-cultural understanding, sustainable development, and community empowerment through various impactful initiatives and projects.

IGE Fellows

Afeeda Syeed

Senior Fellow, CWFL

Dennis Hoover

Senior Fellow

Jean Wu

East Asia Fellow

Judd Birdsall

RFIA Senior Editor

Knox Thames

Senior Fellow

Kristen Roeters

Senior Fellow, CWFL

La Wun Shwe Wut Ye

Senior Fellow for Myanmar

Martha Brill Olcott

Senior Fellow

Robert Joustra

RFIA Senior Editor

Suhail Khan

Senior Fellow for Muslim-Christian Understanding / Director of External Affairs Microsoft

Wade Kusack

Senior Fellow for Central Asia

Board of Directors

IGE’s Board of Directors is comprised of entrepreneurs, business leaders, professors, and scholars. Our team of experts enable IGE to operate at the nexus of all spheres of government and civil society, involving perspective and insight from a broad range of experience and industry.

Nadine Maenza

Chairman of the Board

Hon. Rollin A. Van Broekhoven

Board Member since 2019

Darrell L. Bock

Board Member since 2020

Kristopher Tate

Board Member

Board of Advisors

IGE is tremendously grateful for the experts and advocates that contribute invaluable insight and expertise to our team as we collectively work towards catalyzing freedom of faith worldwide.

Ambassador Robert Seiple

Chairman Emeritus

Chris Seiple

President Emeritus

Angela Wu Howard

International Law Director at the Becket Fund

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