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Dear Friend of IGE,

I write to you today on the occasion of the Institute for Global Engagement’s 20th anniversary. It has been an amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness and the vision of our founders, Ambassador Bob and Margaret Ann Seiple. For the past 20 years, IGE has:

  • Catalyzed freedom of faith in some of the most complex countries in the world;

  • Come alongside government officials, religious leaders, lawmakers, and academics worldwide to build religious freedom; and,

  • Gained recognition from both U.S. and foreign governments for making a positive difference for freedom of faith.

As we reflect on God’s amazing provision over the past 20 years and prayerfully look ahead to the next 20 and beyond—as the Lord leads—I hope that the below infographic will inspire you anew regarding the ministry of IGE.

Ambassador Seiple shared recently, “One of the happiest days for Margaret Ann and myself was the launching of IGE and our desire to make Christ visible, and Christians relevant, on the cruel edges of the world.  That mission is still very much in front of us.” Margaret Ann passed away earlier this year, but her legacy will always be with us.

As we take this opportunity to honor God and the work He has done in and through IGE on this momentous occasion, I will ask of you: if you haven’t acquainted yourself with our work recently, will you take some time in the near future to pray for our work? There are so many good things happening that I cannot even begin to capture in this short letter. Lastly, will you consider making a special anniversary gift?

Thank you for standing in the gap and enabling IGE to fulfill our mission to catalyze freedom of faith worldwide. I am most grateful for you.

Sincerely in Jesus,

John Boyd
President & CEO 

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