Dear Friends of IGE,

I am thrilled to announce the release of our 2020 Annual Report, “Voices of Religious Freedom”.  Throughout the report you will read quotes from our partners in governments, civil society, and faith communities across the globe, as well as from supporters and members of the IGE team who have all witnessed our work and impact first-hand. 

When I think about IGE’s success in 2020, as well as over the past 20 years, and as we look ahead to the next 20, the stories you will read are not one-offs. They don’t happen overnight. IGE’s work is a gradual, consistent, steady process.  We invest in long-term relationship building, always being true to our word, always showing up, and this opens up opportunities for frank and honest dialogue over improving religious freedom for all. 

When you support IGE, you help:

  • Create the space where faith can be freely and safely discussed.
  • Engage key leaders who determine laws and policies that discriminate against people of faith.
  • Change mindsets of key leaders who, in turn, influence laws, policies, and social attitudes.
  • People of faith gain greater freedom to live what they believe.

Ultimately, we see IGE’s work as responding to Christ’s call to the global Church to love our neighbor and be salt and light in our communities. The voices from within this report would not be the same, and would not be able to be heard, if not for your support. Thank you for helping IGE catalyze freedom of faith worldwide! 

I do hope that this report encourages you as it does me, and that you will continue find ways to partner with IGE as we move into 2021 and beyond. All the richest blessings this year. 

As always, in prayer, 

John Boyd
President & CEO