From February 4-5, the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) was invited to speak on two different occasions during the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. The first occasion was at the International Religious Freedom Roundtable on Capitol Hill where IGE VP of Global Operations James Chen shared about IGE’s work and recent progress in Uzbekistan. The following day, James was invited to speak on a panel at a National Prayer Breakfast “Seminar on International Religious Freedom.” He shared about IGE’s model of engagement and relational diplomacy and how that was applied in Uzbekistan. Both events were moderated by the U.S. government’s Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback.

Also presenting with James at the National Prayer Breakfast was Wade Kusack, the president of Love Your Neighbor Community (LYNC). IGE has been blessed to partner with LYNC since 2013, particularly in Central Asia. IGE's success is strengthened by mutual collaboration and partnerships. For example, LYNC has also cultivated strong relationships with both government and religious partners in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.