Jesus taught his followers to love God, love neighbor, and love your enemy, because the enemy also bears the image of God. How does one do that? At IGE we strive to love our enemy in a language and logic that they understand; they are the point of reference, not us. We show up, shut up, and listen to discern how God is working in their context. It means being willing to engage in some uncomfortable conversations with, for instance, Islamists or Communists—but no more uncomfortable than Jesus felt talking to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4).

Below are four short clips that illustrate our work. What you will witness is not a normal way to engage the world; we hope you are moved by it, and understand it to be consistent with the scripture. We encourage you to come alongside us, as we come alongside what He is already doing.

IGE’s work across cultures and contexts:

Whenever we engage these places—places where religion has been intentionally educated out of the mindset, or it is the only mindset—there is either no point of reference for understanding faith, or there is no understanding of faiths’…yet they find us relevant. We are invited into these places to share why religious freedom is in their self interest according to the best of their culture. We are relevant because of our relationships, and the excellence of our product. We are now unusually positioned to extend IGE’s impact at this pivotal point in the histories of the Middle East and East Asia. Not because we seek change, but because we seek to come alongside the One who has changed us.

We have been blessed with a fruitful year of fundraising; funding that is mainly earmarked for IGE programs. We do need your support, however, to fund the incredible IGE people that God has called to implement those programs. We invite you to make a significant gift as you come alongside us, as we come alongside Him.