On Monday, 1 June and Tuesday, 2 June, IGE joined forces with the Institute for Religious Studies, Nyack College, and Baylor University to explore, “Protestantism in America: Historic Roots and Current Relevance.”

Speakers include:

Dr. R. Bruce Douglass, Georgetown University and the Reformed Institute, “Protestantism and the Historical Development of American Culture”

Dr. James W. Skillen, Center for Public Justice, “Protestantism and Social Capital in America”

Dr. Steven Garber, The Washington Institute: “Protestant Approaches to Integration of Faith, Learning, and Vocation”

Dr. Richard L. Gathro, Nyack College D.C.: “Protestantism and the Institutions of Higher Education”

Professor Michael Morrison, Baylor University Center for International Education: “Protestantism and Research Universities: The Baylor Experience”

Dr. Mark J. Rozell, George Mason University: “Religion and the American Presidency”

Dr. Robert P. Jones, Public Religion Research LLC: “Protestantism, Public Opinion, and Politics”

Dr. Duong Nguyen, Institute for Religious Studies: “Christianity and the Development of Vietnamese Culture”

The Nyack DC campus is located at the Hall of the States Building, 444 North Capitol Street, NW, Washington, DC.

For more information, see http://www.nyackcollege.edu/blog/NyackNews/546