The Institute for Global Engagement’s Center on Faith & International Affairs (CFIA) is pleased to announce that its quarterly journal, The Review of Faith & International Affairs, will be published by Routledge beginning with the spring 2010 issue. This publication partnership will expand the global visibility, accessibility, and influence of The Review of Faith & International Affairs. Founded in 1798, Routledge is a major international press that publishes over 1,300 scholarly and policy journals, and over 1,000 books per year. Routledge is especially well established and respected as a publisher of high-quality journals and books in political and social sciences, international affairs, and humanities. Other notable journals published by Routledge include The Washington Quarterly (journal of the Center for Strategic and International Studies), Survival (journal of The International Institute of Strategic Studies), Journal of Military Ethics, International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, Religion, State & Society, Culture and Religion, International Journal of Human Rights, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, Journal of Contemporary Religion, and many more.

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