Oxford University Press will publish Constituting the Future: Religious Liberty, Law, and Flourishing Societies, edited by Allen D. Hertzke, a leading expert on international religious freedom advocacy and a Contributing Editor on The Review of Faith & International Affairs. The book will include a chapter by Chris Seiple and Dennis R. Hoover titled “Religious Freedom and Global Security.”



Edited by Allen D. Hertzke

Preliminary Table of Contents:


Michael Bourdeaux, Oxford University and Keston Institute

Constituting the Future: Advancing the “First Freedom” in the 21st Century

Allen Hertzke, Presidential Professor, University of Oklahoma

The Status of Religious Freedom

W. Cole Durham, Jr., Matthew R. Richards, and Donlu Thayer, International Center on Law and Religion Studies, Brigham Young University: The Status and Threats to International Law on Religious Liberty.

Angela Wu, Becket Fund for Religious Liberty: The Challenges of Leveraging Law for Religious Freedom

Brian Grim, Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life: Restrictions on Religion in the World: Measures and Implications.

Religious Markets, Pluralism, and the State

Anthony Gill, University of Washington: Religious Pluralism, Political Incentives, and the Origins of Religious Liberty

Fenggang Yang,Purdue University: Oligopoly Dynamics and the Triple Religious Markets in China

Roman Lunkin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow: The Status and Challenges to Religious Freedom in Russia

Church-State Challenges in Democratic States

Jonathan Luxmoore, English Journalist and Keston Contributor: From Solidarity to Freedom: The Mixed Fortunes of Churches in Post-Communist Europe

Silvio Ferrari, University of Milan: Models of State-Religion Relations in Western Europe

Gerald Bradley, University of Notre Dame, Emerging Challenges to Religious Freedom in America and Other English-Speaking Countries

Constitutional Models, Law, and Islamic Experience

Ahmet Kuru, San Diego State University: Assertive and Passive Secularism: State Neutrality, Religious Demography, and the Muslim Minority in the United States

Binnaz Toprak, Bahcesehir University, Turkey: Identity, Social Repression and Public Policy: A Case Study of Anatolian Towns

Talip Kucukcan, Marmara University/SETA Foundation, Turkey, Secularism, Law and Freedom of Religion in Turkey

Recep Senturk, Fatih University, Turkey: Human Rights in Islamic Jurisprudence: Why Should All Human Beings Be Inviolable?

Religious Freedom, Global Security, and Diplomacy

Chris Seiple and Dennis Hoover, Institute for Global Engagement, Religious Freedom and Global Security

Thomas Farr, Berkley Center at Georgetown University, Religious Freedom and International Diplomacy