***2021 CWFL Fellowship Applications are now closed. We look forward to announcing our new cohorts. To stay up to date on IGE's CWFL and future Fellowship opportunities, please make sure you are subscribed to receive our e-updates.***

CWFL offers two Fellowship programs: Hybrid and Distance Learning. Both Fellowship programs run for a full calendar year with the purpose to give women of faith the opportunity to increase their capacity and leadership skills, in order to more fully address religious freedom, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding in their own contexts. Fellows will learn from one another, and from a network of experts, in order to enhance their leadership, cross-cultural communication, and negotiation skills, while leveraging their expertise and networks to more effectively influence and educate multiple audiences and stakeholders.

Applications for both Fellowship Cohorts are due by February 15, 2021. Applicants will be contacted by the end of February. Please contact Kristen Lundquist, CWFL Program Director (klundquist@globalengage.org) with any questions during the application process. All women of faith who seek to advance their leadership in order to better serve and advocate for the vulnerable and marginalized populations that they work with are encouraged to apply. 

The Hybrid Fellowship: Fellows will engage in a series of online learning sessions as well as in-person workshops with three core focus areas: interpersonal psycho-social groups, skill-building; and, experiential self-care. The Fellowship concludes with a capstone project where Fellows work to apply their skills and networks to a particular issue/challenge. In the process these Fellows demonstrate how women of faith can play integral roles in decision-making in global and community affairs, while also building a global movement of women experienced and equipped to be difference makers both in analyzing problems and implementing practical solutions.

The Distance Learning Fellowship: Fellows will engage in a series of 12 synchronous and asynchronous learning webinars, led by CWFL's dedicated network of teachers and consultants. Webinar topics include: Planning for Leadership; Overcoming Challenges to Leadership; Ensuring Sustainable Leadership through Self-care; Advancing Your Credibility by Telling Your Story; ​Gaining Confidence in Public Speaking & Dialogue; Negotiating Conflict; Building Effective Mentorships & Networks; Setting Yourself Up For Success through Prayerful Strategic Planning; Advocating For Yourself & Cause through Marketing Principles; and, Building Philanthropic Partnerships. The distance learning fellowship represents the next phase in making CWFL resources more accessible and sustainable to a global community of women of faith leaders and advocates, particularly to those women unable to meet the hybrid fellowship criteria (e.g., unable to participate in-person due to health constraints, visa restrictions, transportation constraints, economic hardship, etc.)

We have 56 alumna spanning over 25 countries. 2021 will mark the 5th Hybrid Cohort and the 2nd Distance Learning Cohort; Fellows will join a worldwide network of women of faith leaders with multiple networking and mentorship opportunities. Thank you for your interest in joining the CWFL Fellowship Programs, we look forward to reviewing your application!