Please join us on Thursday May 26, 1:00pm EST for the next installment in the Institute for Global Engagement’s Faith & International Affairs Conference Call Series. The call will feature Dr. Jackie Ogega. Dr. Ogega has over 20 years of experience in managing international development projects on women’s empowerment, child safeguarding, protection, education, training and policy development. She is the co-founder and president of Mpanzi, empowering women and girl. Her work has involved mobilizing women of faith as agents of peace and development. She has also conducted empirical research on how women of faith deploy religious resources for peacebuilding. Dr. Ogega holds a doctorate in peace research, a masters in gender and development studies, and a bachelors in education.

Dr. Ogega will present on “How Women of Faith Deploy Religious Resources for Peacebuilding,” building off of her thesis, which explores the roles of women of faith in peacebuilding in the conflict between the Gusii and Maasai of South-western Kenya. While religion has at times legitimized women’s exclusion and predominantly created male religious elite figures in peacebuilding, Dr. Ogega’s research demonstrates how women of faith deploy religious resources for peace. Acting within complex unequal gendered socio-cultural conditions and positions, women of faith deploy religious faith as an identity, motivation, and legitimating moral authority and voice in peacebuilding.

To join the discussion, please email Ms. Lindsay Kuntz ( and provide your first name, last name, affiliation, and number from which you will be calling, after which point the dial-in number and conference code will be sent to you. This invitation is transferable, so please feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues who you think might be interested in the topic or the series. However, please note that an RSVP is required for each individual in advance of the call in order to participate.

About the Institute for Global Engagement’s (IGE) Faith & International Affairs Conference Call series – The Faith & International Conference Call series brings together government and religious leaders, policy makers, scholars, and thinkers to educate and inform on issues at the nexus of religion and global affairs. Facilitated by a member of the IGE senior leadership team, calls will include commentary and perspectives from the IGE staff, as well as other notable practitioners and experts. The series offers callers an open and welcoming forum for discussion on critical global issues where religion plays a key role. Conference calls are held on the last Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted, with 20 minutes of opening statements from the experts, and up to 40 minutes for questions from callers. Audio recordings and supplemental readings are archived and will be made available for download following the conference call on the IGE website's media library.