The Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) recently welcomed Keith Wright and Daniel Philpott to its Board of Directors. Each comes to IGE with a wealth of experience and expertise relevant to IGE’s mission of global conflict resolution and religious freedom through relational diplomacy.

Keith Wright is the founder and CEO of Thrive Global LLC. Keith has more than 20 years of operational and management experience running complex development and business projects across Africa. He has worked at the community level as well as at leadership roles at the country, regional, global and corporate levels. His experience includes governance leadership in one of Kenya’s leading micro-finance banks and as president of a $150mm global organization with nearly 3,000 staff in 26 countries. Keith has lived in Africa for over 11 of those years. He earned a M.S. degree in economic development from Eastern University and a B.A. degree in political science from the University of Mary Washington. (Click here for more about Keith.)

Daniel Philpott (Ph.D. Harvard, 1996) is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. He pursues interests in international relations, political philosophy, and peace studies. His research focuses on reconciliation in politics. His books include Just and Unjust Peace: An Ethic of Political Reconciliation (Oxford University Press, 2012), which derives from theological and philosophical roots an ethic of reconciliation that offers concrete guidelines to political orders facing pasts of authoritarianism, civil war, and genocide. On the same topic, Philpott has edited The Politics of Past Evil: Religion, Reconciliation, and Transitional Justice (Notre Dame, 2006). Philpott also directs a research program on religion and reconciliation at the Kroc Institute. (Click here for more about Daniel.)