From May 6 to 10 IGE and the Lao Front Department of Religious Affairs accompanied their Lao Peace Building Team to Hinboun District in Khammoune Province in the eastern central part of the Lao PDR to conduct a five day workshop. 35 people (10 women) from 11 different Lao government and religious organizations participated. Over the course of the week new friendships between government staff and religious leaders were formed while skills in dealing with conflict were learned. One of the government leaders commented, “this is my very first time to get to learn something like this and I am very impressed with the lessons and the methods used to facilitate the training. I think peace building lessons are applicable in my daily life and work, so I will use it when I face conflicts in my daily life. I also got to learn about conflict analysis to help me understand conflict situations better, so I really liked it.” Another Peace Building workshop is scheduled to be done in the old Buddhist city of Luang Prabang, from June 24 – 28.