IGE’s Myanmar Program Officer, Seng Mai Aung, was invited to speak on a panel at the inaugural meeting of the Asia Pacific Religious Freedom Forum. The meeting was held from 18-21 February 2016 in Taiwan and convened legal practitioners, civil society activists, parliamentarians, and religious leaders from around the world to discuss advancing religious freedom in Asia. Seng was invited to speak on a panel on “Conditions for Religious Freedom in the Asia Pacific” which included speakers from Malaysia, Sweden, Vietnam, the UK, and the US. Seng presented on “Effective Engagement in Bringing about Sustainable Religious Freedom” and discussed IGE’s work in MyanmarI was very much impressed with the forum and how we were able to connect with practitioners from across the Asia Pacific,” Seng said, “Practitioners were able to share their lessons learned as well as challenges in different countries. I realized more and more that collaboration between practitioners is of vital importance, especially in countries suffering from religiously-motivated conflicts that threaten not just internal social cohesion, but also regional and global security.”