IGE President Emeritus Dr. Chris Seiple gives the first talk of the evening. The Chinese characters in the background say, “whatever mountain you are on, sing its song”. Dr. Seiple highlighted the importance of understanding the local “song” when working in different contexts.

IGE delegate General Michael Meese draws from his experience in Iraq and Afghanistan to emphasize the importance of a multifaceted approach to Counterterrorism. General Meese used a metaphor of a black and white cat catching mice for hard and soft power approaches to Counterterrorism.

IGE delegate Congressman Geoff Davis tells stories from his own experiences with his constituents in Kentucky. Showing that he cared for the values of his constituents was the best way to earn their trust.

Chairman Zhou thanks delegates on both sides for a productive day of presentations and discussions.

Delegates traveled to Nanjing to meet with members of the Collaborative Innovation Center for South China Sea Studies at Nanjing University. Delegates discussed a multidisciplinary approach to Sino-US cooperation. IGE Executive Director James Chen provided introductions.

Delegates take study tour: Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese Aviation Martyrs, the first with Chairman Zhou, the second with Madam Zhou.

Delegates visited the memorial for the Chinese, American, and Russian pilots who fought and died together in the fight against the Japanese during World War II.

The emblem of the Sino-US Combined Aviation Corps.