The Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) is hosting two scholars from the Institute for Religious Studies (IRS) at the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences on a study tour of Protestantism in America from 27 May to 4 June, 2009.

The Institute is a government body that is responsible for religious research. The scholars are Dr. Nguyen Hong Duong, associate professor, the director of the Institute of Religious Studies. Dr. Nguyen is also editor-in-chief of the Religious Studies Review; and Mr. Hoang Van Chung, an editor for the Religious Studies Review and the International relations assistant for the Institute.

In addition to meeting with several Protestant professors and researchers in the field of religion and law in the Washington, D.C. metro area, the scholars will visit Protestant universities, the birthplace of American religious freedom at Williamsburg, Virginia, and Protestant minority group, the Amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

On 1-2 June, 2009, along with Nyack College and Baylor University, the scholars will participate in an exchange discussion entitled Protestantism in America: Historic Roots and Current Relevance in Washington, D.C. This two-day forum will feature some of the most prominent thinkers on Protestantism, American societal development, and rule of law.