30 June 2011

Marshall, VA

Recently, IGE honored some of its departing full-time staff for their dedicated and loyal service. They include:

In August, Jared Daugherty will move on from IGE to enter a Ph.D. program in Political Science at Duke University. Jared has been with IGE since 2005, and during his time with IGE, Jared has contributed to the development of IGE programming with partners across Asia. Jared was involved in editing Muslims and a Harmonious Society(Institute for Ethnic Minority Groups, China State Council and the Religion and Security Research Project, Institute for Global Engagement, 2011) and co-authored (with IGE’s Hien Vu), “Engaging Communist East Asia: Recommendations for Religious Freedom,” (The Review of Faith & International Affairs 6:3 (Fall 2008): 68-72).

In June, Anna Carrington moved on from IGE to become a freelance editor. She also serves on the communications team and coordinates small groups at her church in Arlington. Anna joined IGE as an intern in the summer of 2008, then completed a year-long fellowship, and then served as program assistant for publications, assistant editor of The Review of Faith & International Affairs, and assistant to senior fellow Michael Gerson. Anna’s numerous contributions to IGE include helping to re-build and manage the websites for the Center on Faith & International Affairs and The Review of Faith & International Affairs, providing editorial assistance on book projects such as Dennis R. Hoover and Douglas M. Johnston, eds., Religion and Foreign Affairs: Essential Readings (Baylor University Press, 2011), and publishing a review of James Davison Hunter, To Change the World and a review of Asaf Bayat, Life as Politics in The Review of Faith & International Affairs.

In July, Abigail Skeans, moved on from IGE to attend law school at Regent University. Abby joined IGE in March 2009 as a graduate fellow for East Asia; with her commitment and dedication, she moved on to serve as Program Assistant for the Vietnam and Laos programs. Lastly, Abby served as Coordinator for Strategy and Development where her contributions included being the staff liaison for IGE’s overall marketing and event planning; coordinating the Global Leadership Forum in 2009 and 2010 with Georgetown University; and publishing a review of Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa and James Movel Wuye, The Imam and the Pastor: Responding to Conflict in The Review of Faith & International Affairs.

Dedication to IGE’s mission and passion for religious freedom made Jared, Anna and Abby invaluable team members. Although their presence will be missed, IGE wishes Jared, Anna, and Abby all the best as they pursue the next chapters in their professional careers.