Syria TripIn April, IGE led a delegation of Americans of faith to visit Syria. The five‐day tour convened key religious, academic, and government leaders, and included a two‐day conference entitled “Religion & Respect: Learning From Each Other’s Faith” where issues related to Islam, Christianity, U.S.-Syria relations, the Middle East peace process and religious freedom were discussed in great depth.

Our host was Dr. Rufaida Habash, the Director of the Al-Andaluse Institute for Islamic Studies in Hama. IGE DelegationPresentations were made by both Americans and Syrians, Christians and Muslims, and on topics such as the role of women of faith in American society, the role status of women in Islamic tradition, the early history of Islam, readings from the Holy Bible and the Qu’ran, the role of religion in modern life, religion and respect for minority faiths, and faith in America. Thoroughly positive, members of our delegation engaged with our Syrian partners on issue after issue, and always in an honest spirit of mutual respect and peace.