IGE and CPJ welcomed the Leimena Institute delegation to Washington, DC. In attendance were IGE’s executive director James Chen (2nd row, 2nd-right) and program officer Courtney Brode Roberts (2nd row, 1st-right).

On May 2, 2017, IGE and the Center for Public Justice co-hosted a forum on Indonesia and its “middle path Islam” as a prospective model of governance for Muslim-majority nations. The forum featured a delegation of Indonesian Muslim scholars led by the Leimena Institute, a Jakarta-based think tank. In March, IGE and Leimena partnered together to hold a Religion & Rule of Law training program in Indonesia.

The Indonesian experts shared about how Indonesia, as the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, demonstrates that Islam can be compatible with democracy, human rights, and religious tolerance. The delegation also addressed recent challenges dealing with the rise of extremism and its impact on the Jakarta governor election. The experts expressed the hope that international partners could work with the Indonesians in stemming the growing influence of radicalism.

The Indonesian delegation included: Jakob Tobing, president of the Leimena Institute and former Indonesian ambassador to South Korea; Alwi Swihab, the Indonesian president’s Special Envoy to the Middle East and OIC; Amin Abdullah, advisor to the sultan and governor of Yogyakarta and director of culture at the Indonesian Science Academy; and, Azyumardi Azra, advisor to the Indonesian Vice President. There were 25 participants representing think tanks, NGOs, universities, businesses, and denominational organizations.