Don’t miss the June issue of The Review of Faith & International Affairs, which will focus on “Religion and American Exceptionalism.” The issue will feature a stellar lineup of contributors:

    MARK A. NOLL on what John Winthrop actually meant by “city on a hill”
    CHRIS SEIPLE on Roger Williams and the origins of America’s exceptional religious freedom
    EDITH BLUMHOFER on a Republican of ecumenical exceptionalism: Theodore Roosevelt
    MARK SILK on American exceptionalism and “political religion” in the contemporary GOP
    PHILIP GORSKI and WILLIAM MCMILLAN on American exceptionalisms and Barack Obama
    PHILIP L. BARLOW on exceptionalism and Mormon identity
    M.A. MUQTEDAR KHAN on American Muslim exceptionalists
    MICHAEL VLAHOS on counterterrorism and the new American exceptionalism
    JAMES L. GUTH on the religious sources of public opinion on American exceptionalism

Other 2012 issues will also address timely themes:

March: “Religion and African American Leadership in Global Volunteerism,” featuring R. Drew Smith, James A. Joseph, Peter J. Paris, Jacqueline Mattis, Marsha Haney, J. Oscar McCloud, John Richard Bryant, Kristen J. Leslie, Lynn MacMichael, Gerald L. Durley, Katie G. Cannon, Harold T. Lewis, Jonathan Weaver, and Angelique Walker-Smith.

September: “Advocacy Strategies for International Religious Freedom,” featuring Tony Blair, Allen D. Hertzke, Michael Bourdeaux, Angela Wu Howard, Ziya Meral, Judd Birdsall, Thomas F. Farr, Chris Seiple, Sue Gunawardena-Vaughn, Greg Mitchell, Stephen Colecchi, Felice Gaer, and Zainab Al-Suwaij.

December: “The Rise of Shari’a: Implications for Democracy and Human Rights,” featuring Robert W. Hefner, Frank E. Vogel, Nathan J. Brown, Bahman Baktiari, M. Hakan Yavuz, Muhammad Qasim Zaman, Paul M. Lubeck, and Thomas J. Barfield.

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