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2023-23 Hybrid Fellowship Cohort with CWFL Senior Fellows and Staff

Center for Women, Faith & Leadership Holds Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • October 20, 2023

The Center for Women, Faith & Leadership (CWFL) held a Hybrid Fellowship workshop for the 2023-24 program year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The week-long workshop is part of the Hybrid Fellowship in-person learning experience and is built around CWFL’s three core focus areas: multi-faith and cultural identity, skill building, and mental health and self-care.

“The workshop offered seven Fellows an opportunity to bond across cultural, language, and religious differences in ways that speak to the peace-building needed in this world,” said Dr. Margaret Weber, CWFL’s Program Director. “In reflecting on the impacts, I am amazed at the Fellows’ responsiveness to expanding their thinking and knowledge of the world. It is refreshing to co-journey alongside such amazing women of faith who serve vulnerable populations.”

Seven Fellows from across the world attended in person, including women from Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the United States. One fellow joined the learning sessions via Zoom.

The workshop ran the first week of October and began in Buenos Aires, where the women were immersed in Argentine culture and learned about the challenges affecting women in the country. The group visited two non-government agencies, including Fundación Pescar, a vocational training center that equips young adults with the needed skills to gain work in tech and development. The cohort also visited the Islamic Cultural Center and met with the Mother Superior, demonstrating the multi-faith work of IGE and the importance of peaceful dialogue.

The last half of the workshop took place outside of Buenos Aires in Entre Ríos. The women engaged in multiple sessions led by CWFL staff, exploring topics of personal leadership, storytelling, grant writing, gender and identity, and the importance of self-care.

CWFL’s next workshop will take place in Spring 2024 in Ghana. To learn more about CWFL’s Fellowship Programs, click here.

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