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Sr. Stella Onyebuchi Eke

CWFL 22-23 Nigeria Fellow

Sr. Onyebuchi is an educationist from Nigeria who has earned a Masters in Art of Leadership in Education. She is the principal of a secondary school built on charity in Benue State in Nigeria. Onyebuchi has been advocating for the helpless and vulnerable children in her society by sensitizing the local people to give children the chance of developing to their full potential through education. Currently, she is implementing a Sensitization Awareness workshop with schools and community to address corporal punishment, lack of sanitary napkin and toilet facilities, bullying, and domestic violence leading to the effects of student’s low performance and absenteeism in schools in Otukpo, Benue State. 

Before coming back to Nigeria, she was the coordinator of an NGO called Fullness of Life for Children, an organization focusing on sensitization in schools and community in addressing social and cultural barriers leading to high dropout rates in schools in Sierra Leone. Fullness of Life for Children has been working to reduce teenage pregnancy, child marriage, drug intake, family violence, and child abuse in 18 secondary schools serving 36 communities in Moyamba, Western Rural District, and Slums of Urban districts of Sierra Leone. 


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