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Christy Anastas

CWFL 2020-21 England Fellow

Christy Anastas was born in Bethlehem. Christy moved to the U.K. 8 years ago, where she currently lives in London. She is the co-director of the Religious Freedom and Business forum at the UK office. Christy co-founded an initiative called i61Collective, which is a vehicle to run several creative bridge building projects between Palestinians and Israelis. She is a passionate public speaker on the Palestinian-Israeli situation and an advocate for reconciliation. Along with her leadership skills, she is also a documentary filmmaker, focusing mainly on sharing real life stories. She became a law student because she was searching for solid ground to stand upon amongst the injustices she experienced from both sides of the conflict. However, she had to leave her home for security reasons prior to graduation. She has traveled to Greece and Germany to volunteer for peace projects. She has experience in project management and is fluent in English and Arabic. An interesting fact about Christy is that she has been stateless for 30 years. However, she finally has just been granted her first proper citizenship ever!


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