***Update as of September 2021***

We are excited to announce that an anonymous donor has pledged half of the total amount we need to raise by end of year through a matching gift campaign. Now it's your turn! Now is your chance to double the impact that IGE can achieve! If you make a gift today, your donation will be doubled! 

Can we count on your participation in our summer 2021 campaign goal to raise $104,000 to keep up the critical work in Uzbekistan and other countries?

IGE’s work is a gradual, consistent, steady process.  While gradual, the change that we help effect is monumental for long term sustainable religious freedom. We are half-way through 2021 and there is no better example to illustrate our work than that of Uzbekistan and the progress that has been made there. When you support IGE, you help engage government officials and lawmakers to improve laws and policies on freedom of faith. Uzbekistan is one of the rare instances where religious freedom has significantly improved over the past few years and is at the forefront of fundamental shifts in freedom of faith in the region.

In 2018 IGE signed an agreement with the Uzbek government to help advance religious freedom for all. Since then, we have seen the following encouraging developments:


Building upon this positive momentum, IGE and its Uzbek government partners will co-convene a series of conferences and training programs later this year on religion and rule of law, cross-cultural religious literacy, religious freedom and other critical topics. Please consider making a contribution to reach our $104,000 goal, your partnership is greatly valued!