Middle East

Middle East

IGE's Middle East Program, "The Cradle Fund" (TCF) has a strategy to serve the suffering amidst the ISIS crisis: IGE helps rescue, restore and return Middle Eastern Christians and other religious and ethnic groups to a home where they can live and practice their faith free from fear. This strategy is based on the listening to those in the region—over IGE's eight trips to the region in the last 18 months—and organized around the idea that every near-term decision impacts the long-term; "...in today's broken world, every relief decision is a development decision is a reconciliation decision." Wherever and whenever possible, TCF works with the suffering Church in support of those of all faiths who have suffered.

To datethrough the work of 13 TCF partners in five countriesyour generous donations have impacted 125,787 individuals. And as a function of the third “R”—return—we have worked with the Kurdistan Regional Government to develop a two-step conversation through which we can begin to anticipate and plan for the “day-after-ISIS.” Part I occured on 12 April here in Washington, D.C.with part II scheduled to occur this summer in Erbil. For those especially interested in the Kurdistan region as a part of the solution, please watch this 3 minute summary video of our 12 April conference on “Coexistence, Stability & Reconciliation.”

For TCF related multi-media and articles that will help you pray and give, please visit this site. Our hope is that you might even consider using these resources to start discussion groups in your own neighborhoods, communities, churches, and houses of worship.

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