Selena Safiol

“It takes the creativity and the mind of God to establish peace. Justice and mercy in harmony for higher purposes. We may seek to stop violence, end wars, promote just relations, but true shalom is a work of God’s Spirit. True reconciliation is an intentional, diligent, and relational process. It is a beautiful thing when an organization like IGE catches wind of that reality and runs with it.”

Selena is a junior International Relations major at Wheaton College serving as IGE's Outreach Coordinator Intern this summer. Originially from Massachusetts, Selena has spent much time abroad with various Christian missions and evangelistic organizations. She has a passion for peacekeeping and reconciliation efforts for the glory of Christ and the advancement of His kingdom on Earth. She works as a research assistant with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association at Wheaton College and is involved in volunteering with the Christian Service Council through her college.