December 2014 - 1 minute, 30 seconds

They Fled ISIS But Cannot Flee Winter; Help Us Help Them

The Cradle Fund 

In recent months, millions have fled ISIS, with over 800,000 fleeing to Northern Iraq alone. These families have fled ISIS but they cannot flee winter. They are without shelter and in need of supplies. In Northern Iraq, for example, the United Nations can only account for 40 percent of the needs of these homeless and persecuted people.  That means nearly half a million people don’t have winterized kits, blankets, tents or shelter this winter.

So why does this matter? The Institute for Global Engagement (IGE)  builds sustainable environments for religious freedom through local partners. If the population of Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities disappear from Iraqi and Syrian regions completely, the result will be unending conflict and instability. Unfortunately, we're on the verge of seeing this annihilation happen. The people in the Middle East have survived terrorists and attempted genocide only to see the harsh and deadly winter on the horizon.

So how can you help? The Cradle of Christianity Fund was established in order to support the rescue, restoration and return of Middle Eastern Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities to a home where they can live and practice their faith free from fear. The money raised from the Cradle Fund will be used toward providing food and supplies as well as shelter for displaced families this winter.

To find out more about the cradle fund and how you can practically help families in need this winter, visit

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